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How to Get Your Ex Lover Back If You Want

By CJ Pendleton

Every couple fights regardless of how good the relationship might be. It really does not matter how well you get along or how long you have been happy together eventually you will fight and there is always the possibility that you will break up. So what do you do if you break up and you still love him or her? You may want to know how to get your ex lover back and if you do then here are a couple of things that can get the ball rolling.

Whatever you do, do not run from a fight. No I am not saying to hunker down and fight until you win no matter what the outcome. I am saying that never take longer than a few minutes to cool down and begin to have some honest calm communication with your lover. Deal with things quickly and do not let them fester and get infected.

You will also want to be completely honest with your ex lover. Honesty really is the best solution to any problem. If you cannot be straight in your relationship you probably should not be in that relationship to begin with. Oh and by the way let your ex lover speak as well. Give him or her, the platform to be honest with you as well. You will both need to put forth an effort if this is going to work out.

You will also want to remember that it takes two to tango. It is not all your ex lover’s fault you most likely have a little blame as well. Here again is the importance of communication that is good communication, in a relationship. Sometimes it appears that all we want is for our feelings to get back on the right rack and we never consider that our ex has some feelings. Whatever you do make sure that you take their feelings into consideration. It seems that most of the time break ups occur over simple stuff. I have found that there are many relationships that suffer form making a mountain out of a mole hill. So I always say “do not sweat the small stuff” there are way to many big things to deal with in life to get all hot and bothered by the mundane things of life.

One final thing that should be essential in getting your ex lover back is to figure out what went wrong in the first place. Dig down and see if you can figure out what caused the break up in the first place. Once you have that down pat you can begin to get it fixed. It may have been your fault and it might have been theirs either way once you figure it out you can get on with the fix.

Yes, you can learn how to get your ex lover back if you want but it will start with the above suggestions. Why not put them into practice now and win your ex lover back and build your relationship anew.

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