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Garage Sales Online?

By Jeff Hunter

Everyone knows and understands what a garage, yard, or rummage sale is, but most do not think about using the power of the Internet for their sale. Most garage sale sellers are familiar with advertising their sales. They will at the very least, make up signs and attach them to telephone poles in their neighborhood. Others will go further and stick flyers in mailboxes or post flyers in laundromats and other locations that have public bulletin boards.

Sellers who have major items like furniture, appliances or jewelry will usually run an ad in their local newspaper to Pennysaver. These ads can range in price from $5.00 to over $100.00 depending on the publication, size of ad, how many times the ad will run and the total circulation.

Garage sale sellers can dramatically increase their market exposure for their sale using the Internet and running the garage sales online. There are many Internet sites where a garage sale can be listed online. Most of these sites will let sellers list their sales at no charge. Typically, these ads allow the online garage sale seller to list the location and some additional information, such as type of items they are selling. Most of these sites will not allow the listing of individual items for sale with a picture without an additional charge for each item.. These sites can be classified as on line classified ad sites.

On the other end of the Internet spectrum you have full service sites that are designed from the ground up just for garage sales online. These sites are similar to eBay. They have features for sellers to list their garage sale, the individual items for sale and provide localization for both sellers and buyers. Localization here refers to the targeting of buyers by a specified geographic location such as a city or zip code. These sites also provide an avenue for vendors to advertise to people associated with garages sales. These advertisers can target specific groups not only by location, but also based on their purpose.

For instance, a personal storage facility could advertise to garage sale sellers in their neighborhood. It follows that these sellers may be having garage sales because they do not have the space for all their stuff. These sellers may need a place to keep items they do not sell at their sale or may provide a solution to the seller's storage problem that they may not have considered. The same goes for charity organizations that run thrift stores. They my want to advertise to sellers to sell or even donate their excess items to the charity.

By utilizing online garage sales, sellers can effectively extend their garage sale from a single day to a much longer period of time and can attract a much larger audience. Even though the more comprehensive sites charge for their services, they provide a lot more services and usually will cost less than the price for a typical newspaper ad while expanding the sellers market exponentially.

Shoppers or buyers at these sites can be located virtually anywhere in the world. These buyers can use advanced search tools provided to allow them to easily locate specific items without the need to visit the actual live garage sale. Garage sales online are an ideal place for sellers on ebay to find antiques and collectibles for resale at their auctions.

In summary, online garage sales provide an extended view of garage sales. They can help sellers sell more of their goods and assist buyers in locating these goods. In addition, advertisers can target garage sale buyers and sellers for their products and services.

About the Author: Copyright (c) 2006 by Jeffrey Hunter Pathfinder Data Systems, Inc. This article can be distributer provided that it remains unaltered..

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