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Diuretics And Insomnia Are Directly Linked

By Christopher Jay

Insomnia is a medical condition where a person, often referred to as an insomniac, experiences difficulty in falling asleep or being able to sleep continuously the entire night. Insomnia however, is not classified as a disease, but rather a general symptom or type of condition that is the result of a variety of different factors. These factors can include psychological issues, high levels of stress, and having had dietary or environmental changes.

Insomnia can also be brought on by prescription drugs you may be taking for another illness. One known prescription medication that has been linked to insomnia would be diuretics. Understanding the workings of diuretics and their purpose will shed some insight into the familiarity amongst diuretics and insomnia.

What Qualifies As A Diuretic?

Becoming familiar with a diuretic and how it works will help establish the relationship related to diuretics and insomnia. Diuretic are a medication that helps the body increase its normal urinary output.

You can receive a diuretic two ways. Your doctor may prescribe you a drug or it can be done more naturally through your food consumption. Many times you may not even know that you have eaten a food that has a natural diuretic side effect. Two things that have this naturally effect are alcoholic beverages and coffee.

Why Would You Need A Diuretic?

When you doctor prescribes you a diuretic medication it is to help your body get rid of excess fluid so there is no fluid buildup. One reason that a diuretic may be prescribed for a treatment plan is if you suffer from congestive heart failure.

Congestive heart failure is when the heart weakens due to aging. When the heart gets weaker the body begins to retain fluids. With a prescription diuretic it stimulates the kidneys so that your urine output is increased, which in turn alleviates the buildup of fluids in your body.

The Diuretics and Insomnia Connection

It does not matter if you are on a prescribed diuretic program or use a supplement which is the same as a diuretic the resulting coalition of diuretics along with insomnia will be the same. The need and increased activity for urinating, even more so at normal sleeping hours will disrupt an individual's sleep pattern which in turn may lead to insomnia.

One other side effect with using a diuretic is the sometimes overwhelming thirst. Not being able to sleep can also be linked to thirst which adds to the sleeplessness felt and also completes the use amongst diuretics and insomnia.

About the Author: Christopher Jay has much more information available at Types Of Insomna .com Discover more insomnia information and find some answers today.

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