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Animals Giraffe

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Unusual Giraffe's Glass Art Glass Dish Unique Square Design $9.95
Wood Look Giraffe $4.00
African Wood Carved Giraffe And Zebras - 3 Pieces $30.99
Elephant New 20" Sitting Trunk Up Hand Made Genuine Leather $21.95
17 1 4 Inches Tall Leather Giraffe Figurine $26.50
Zebra Marty Madagascar Statue Display Prop $199.00
African Giraffe Carved Ebony Wood Sculpture Novica Art $34.16
Wood Carving Of Two Giraffes Made In Rhwanda, Africa - 12 Inches Tall. $6.00
Handpainted Black & White Giraffe Giraffes Keychain New Free Shipping In Usa $7.99
Porcelain Whimsey Hand Painted Smiling Sitting Baby Giraffe Figurine $7.19
Gorgeous Signed Copper Giraffe Wall Art Made In Africa $24.99
5 Giraffes Family Shiken Japan Bone China Figurines $5.01
Carved Wooden Giraffes Set Of Three Wood Giraffes Carved Giraffe $8.99
Modern Giraffe Business Card Or Letter Holder Sculpture Stone W Metal $19.99
Two Hand Carved Animal Head Wall Hangings $119.00
Giraffee "wanna Neck" Coffee Mug $1.99
Schleich Giraffe Calf - New W Tag - 14321 $1.95
(#b-gir-51) Giraffe Running Safari Africa Pin Pendant Brass Lover $18.99
Giraffe, Leather $5.00
Abstract Giraffe Statue $69.00
Giraffe Pair, Wooden $7.00
Schleich Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex T-rex (small) - New W Tag - 14502 $2.95
Pewter Momma And Baby Giraffe Cincinnati Zoo Souvenir $5.00
Older Giraffe Carousel Figure On Wood Stand $12.99
Magestic Tall Black Giraffe, Glistening Alabastrite, New $15.00
Set Of 3 Carved Wooden Giraffes Set Of Three Wood Giraffes Carved Giraffe $7.49
Lot #2 - 3 Ceramic Giraffes Figures; 3.25 Inches To 7.5 Inches. Free S H $8.95
Giraffe Malmon Madagascar Statue Display Prop $239.00
(y448-h) Giraffe Gray White Giraffes Carving Figurine Gemstone $22.99
Giraffes, Rhodesia 1 2 Penny 1957 Unc Bronze 21mm In Clear, Inert 2 X 2 Holder $5.99
Lot #4 - 3 Ceramic Giraffes Figures; 4.75 Inches To 5.75 Inches. Free S H $8.95
Rare 1950's Purple Or Grape Giraffe Plastic Art Deco Lucite Wild Animal Toy $19.99
Awesome Collection Wild Animal Jewelry-huge Lion Pendant Necklace-giraffe Set-mo $19.99
1894 Giraffe Camel Deer Goat Antique Engraving Print G.mutzel $2.55
Vintage Solid Brass Stretched Neck Mother Giraffe And Her Baby (mother 9" High) $11.99
Giraffe Mittens Knit Adult Cream Fleece Lined Delux Matching Hat Sold Separate $49.99
40" Large Giraffe Pair Wood Statue Sculpture Figurine Au $88.99
Lot #1 - 3 Ceramic Giraffes Figures; 4 Inches To 5.75 Inches. Free S H $8.95
Vintage Mid-century 8.5" Decorative Plate Giraffe Japan $12.99
Carved Wood Art Intarsia Giraffe Carousel Sign Plaque $49.99
4 Giraffes - 2 Walking Toys, 1 Wooden & 1 Wall Decor $10.50
Lot #6 - 3 Ceramic Giraffes Figures; 3.75 Inches To 5.75 Inches. Free S H $8.95

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